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High-Quality & Reliable Moving Supplies

Tiny Moves has a vast array of packing and moving supplies designed to keep your property safe during your transition. These will help you move wherever you need to in Los Angeles or the state of California.

High-Quality Moving Boxes

We use high-quality, brand-new boxes in all of our moving services that we have assembled into specially designed moving kits and box bundles. Our minimum strength for any box is 50 pounds, making them perfect to ship just about anything you need. Our box bundles include:

• 25 Small Boxes (15"x12"x9")
• 20+ Medium Boxes (18"x15"x12")
• 15 Large Boxes (24"x16"x17")
• 10 Extra-Large Boxes (24"x24"x15")
• 3 Wardrobe Boxes (20"x20"x48")

Package Tape

Packing Tape

This 4-roll bundle of packing tape will give you about 440 yards of strong and durable tape. This is about equal to 4.5 football fields, and should be more than enough to seal 100 medium-sized boxes.

Tape Dispensers

Our sturdy tape dispensers will hold a standard 3" core of tape and come fully assembled. They are lightweight and made of steel and high-impact plastic, which will last for years.

Stretch Wrap

Protect anything and everything with this big 5"x 1000 roll. This will keep your property safe against dust, dirt, scratches, and other hazards. This is great for sofas, tables, dressers, and more.

Bubble Wrap

Protect your belongings with our big bundles of bubble wrap. These bundles are 12"x 100' and perforated for easy separation with medium-sized bubbles that won't pop. They are ideal for protecting glass and other fragile items during the move.

Packing Paper

This paper is great for protecting fragile items and filling in empty space when you're packing. One bundle contains 25 pounds of 24"x36" inkless paper. It is the most economical way to protect your fragile items.

Box Cutters

These are the perfect cutters for before and after your move. Our 5" box cutter comes ready with an easily replaceable blade. It's made of sturdy metal for tough tasks, and will easily fit in your shirt pocket to be ready when you are.